How to Clone a WordPress Site Manually & Using Plugins

Here cloning a WordPress site means we are not going to do anything wrong, we are just going to duplicate a site. Suppose we are replicating a WordPress site for any definite reason, then there is no issue at all.

Before going to tell you what is WordPress website cloning in detail, let’s say why you have to clone your site?

What is Cloning a WordPress Portal?

Cloning a WordPress website is nothing but creating a duplicate copy of your site. As we discussed in above, there are lots of reason behind it, so we need to replicate a website or blog.

In this article, we’re going to provide all in details to duplicate a portal quickly without any struggle.

What is the Need to do so?

There are various reasons for duplicating or cloning a site, some of the major points are listed below:

clone-wordpress-website-manually The first thing is, if you are doing some changes on your site, there may be some downtime. If the updating goes wrong, it will lead to affect your users severely. Therefore, it is a better choice to create a clone of your website on local or another web server. So you can easily first test how the changes reacted and then deploy.

The second thing is if you have designed a portal for your client on a local host and later needs to move to the setup to the live server. You can do it quickly and easily through a clone of it and deliver.

And there can be some reason for it, but from the two points, you got a basic idea about why one do cloning. Let’s start with how to clone a WordPress site manually as well as using plugins.

Doing manual migration or cloning might require some level of technical expertise to backup of the data to copying files, images, content and more into the respective directory structure.

Suppose, if you feel that you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, what could be your next choice???

One option is there for you while using WordPress you can make use of plugins to handle all cloning and migration task quickly.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Website Easily? Manual Route

Follow the below Simple Steps to do…

Step 1: First Backup your website or blog

Before going to do any major changes to your portal, you have to always backup it first. Download your entire site through FTP and connect to the server to find the WP installation. Once you find it, move to your hard drive including hidden files like .htaccess

Check in server—–> Force show hidden files

Step2: Create a database in a new location

In your database you may have both files/folders and images, make a copy and save it in a secure place. Now it’s time to make a fresh empty database for a new location.

Make sure that you end up with the followings

  • The name of an empty database
  • Database user with all privileges
  • Password for database user
Step 3: Import or Upload a database

Now restore the one from the site to duplicate in the new database, where you need to access the empty DB and search the “import” section. Find the SQL files on your PC and start importing

Step 4: Edit wp-configure.php

Upload the data in the wp-configure.php of the old portal. Find the file of your wp site and open it in the text edit make to define the following strings,

  • Define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’)
  • Define (‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’)
  • Define (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’)
  • Define (‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost)
Step 5: Upload the data

Now you can connect to the new servers and try to move all the files from the local drive to the new location. It may take some time, which will depend on the size of your website

Step 6: Edit database

Now the duplicated site will able to communicate with the database but change it. You have to upload it to your new servers and access the script via the browser, e.g., and follow the instructions. You may use search or replace plugins to do it

Step 7: Finally, Configure DNS settings and done!

Wow, well done! At last, make sure that your domain is pointing to the correct location. If all is well, then your new site will work properly.

Hurry! You have successfully duplicated or clone your WordPress website. It may not too complicate for experienced developers. If you are a fresher, then jump into the plugin to clone or backup or migrate your website quickly without any prior knowledge.


Best Clone Plugins for WordPress Websites 2017

The very first reason we love WordPress due to its long lists of plugins. There are thousands of plugins are available for free of cost in WordPress platform. So whenever you wish to do anything, you can make use of those useful plugins to do it.

Similarly, to make a clone or duplicate a site, there are many powerful and popular plugins, which will make your job easier without any tension.


Duplicator WordPress Plugin is a great tool, which can migrate or clone a WordPress website from one place to another. It also serves as a simple and useful backup utility. This plugin will simplify your process of moving or backup your portal.

To use this plugin, it requires common technical knowledge. It will take care of your complete process of moving your site, and after that, and you won’t face any issues in future.

Price: Free, Pro Version @ $39


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 WP Clone by WP Academy

Are you looking to move WordPress website to or from the local host, then it is the best choice for you. WP Clone allows you to move your WordPress portal from one to another domain or other hosting server. You can also create a copy of your site for development or testing process by using this plugin.

The plugin is used to easily backup your portal and to install pre-configured versions of WordPress. It copies only the user content and database, not the system files, which will make the process very quick and improves security.

Price: Free


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All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One Migration is a simple site backup WordPress plugin, where the people who are using it seems to love it really. It permits you to export your files, plugins, themes and database in just a few clicks. This plugin is the only plugin tool to give you the best mobile experience on WP version 3.3 or more.

When comes to user satisfaction and easy use, All in One Migration will be a reliable option. But the plugin is till bit slow while creating the backup file with this plugin the migration took the longest of all the plugins.

Price: Free, Pro Version for $59


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WPBackItUp is the great choice for creating a full backup of files and databases. It can be very useful to restore easily, clone, duplicate or migrate any WP sites. This plugin has both free and paid versions, which will give you a simple way to backup or restore your site with just a few clicks.

Migrating your WordPress site, to do this you have to spend a lot of time. But with this plugin, you can do it as simple as possible in a short period. This free plugin offer you some of the useful features to make copying or migrating a WordPress blog or site very fast.

Price: Free, Pro Version from $79


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 BackupBuddy Press

BackupBuddy is the no.1 WP backup plugin, which can be used for backup, restore and move your WordPrss portals. It is a fantastic premium WP plugin developed by iThemes. The plugin has come up with a lot of features with complete security.

It is quite simple to use, where it conveniently replaces all the links to the new domain or server during when you migrate your website. With this plugin, you can recover your site from any problems easily right from the dashboard itself. Go for the lifetime access for just $247 for everything like add-ons, security, and plugins for a single payment.

Price: Starting from the range of $80


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If you have any other best tools or tips to duplicate WordPress site, 🙂 pretty mention in the comments!!!

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