Bluehost Beginners Guide for Webmail cPanel Login, WordPress Settings, Nameservers, DNS, SSL/SSH & FTP

bluehost coupon codeMost of the people and website developers prefer to choose Bluehost for website hosting service. But some of them have some doubt regarding how to do it technically like settings, login and more. in this article, we have covered all those setups and setting aspects for you and beginners and helping them by clearing the concepts of each technique.

Bluehost Review

Since 2003, Bluehost has been in the hosting field and now it has grown into the No.1 web hosting provider in the world. The industry has been servicing over 2 million websites globally and striving to offer the best solution to the customers. The main aim of the company is to fulfill the needs of many website owners and developers. It is built on open source technology, providing most powerful hosting service, particularly cloud-based web solutions.

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Bluehost Webmail Login & Email Settings

How to Access Webmail?

Here, the Bluehost offers you two different ways to access webmail applications. You can prefer what you like:

  1. Login Directly using your Domain
  2. Login via your Hosting Account

Login Directly using your Domain

If you wish to login directly using your domain, then go with it and follow the below steps.


  • First of all, go to the login page and enter the email address and password you wish to access
  • You will successfully get into the page
  • On that page, choose any one of the webmail applications to check your mail using Horde, RoundCube, and SquirrelMail.


Login via your Hosting Account

Are you like to log in through your Bluehost hosting account, pursue the below steps to continue. But it will be not that much speed when to compare to direct login method.


  • In that email account list, you will locate the email address, click the more button and then click the Access Webmail in the drop down list.
  • Now you will ask to enter your password for the email address login
  • Then proceed your email checking from any of the three webmail applications


Know about Bluehost Email Settings

Here, Bluehost allows you to host your email account, where the creation and management of the email accounts take effects on your cPanel. Whereas electronic mail applications can access the email accounts, like Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Bluehost cPanel – Secure Your Logins

The company likes to make the users more flexible and comfortable with the hosting services. They come up with a tear called as “cPanel” that will be extremely simple and easy to use. Here, the cPanel act as the command center, where you can get access, modifies, update or anything else you like to do with your website.

You will be getting access to your account and manage your domains, install scripts, applications, backup your web and more core features are available in cPanel.

How to Access Control Panel?

Go to this link and enter the domain or username with a password to get access to cPanel.

How do I securely log into to my cPanel?

Here is the solution, just replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your website address and use the below address.



Bluehost WordPress – Getting Started

There are numerous reliable and best hosting for WordPress, one of them is Bluehost. It provides you the standard cPanel that comes up with Fantastico. Fantastico is an easy way to install WordPress.

It is entirely necessary to meet certain technical requirements, and Bluehost fits perfectly into WordPress hosting needs. Let’s start, log into your Bluehost account and lick on hosting to get into cPanel.


Get down to website builder, in that you can see Install WordPress for the list, click it and it will take you to the next page.


On that page, click on WordPress install that will lead you to further process, where you can make several changes.

Choose the right domain what would like to install, here you can decide whether your domain name to be with WWW or not.


Then click on check Domain, you are almost there to last step, in that click show advances options. Select your username and password for your login of WordPress and enable automatically create a new database.


Check the boxes that you have read all the term and condition agreements, now click on Install Now.  It will start installing WordPress. Don’t close until the process is complete. It may take 5 to 8 minutes to finish the script to install WordPress blog.


Finally, your installation is complete, click on view credentials and get started with the other setup via WordPress Dashboard login and password, which will send to the registered email address.

Bluehost Nameservers

Everyone need to use its name servers to host your website or domain at Bluehost.

Bluehost DNS Guide

Kindly change your nameservers to the correct Bluehost nameservers that mentioned above. For the changes, it will take 24 hours to 48 hours to take effect.


How to Change the Name Servers at Bluehost?

  • Just log into your Bluehost Cpanel.
  • Click the domain manager icon and at the top of the page, you will be redirected to the new page.
  • On that page, please select the domain from the list of domain and then click name servers tab that is on the right side
  • Select Use Custom Nameserver to edit it for your domain name and save the settings. Use the proper zone file to make sure that your domain resolves correctly.

Bluehost SSL, SSH & FTP

What’s the Need of SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology which is used to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client. It safeguards the user’s private date like SSN number, credit/debit card details, login information and more that are highly confidential.

Likewise, Bluehost has been affording a free shared SSL certificate with a new account, where you can use it on a shared IP address.

Secured Pages will appear as

But, it is a basic on that can be used on your primary domain only. Make a request for private SSL certificate for your domain from and also, you demand to have a dedicated IP before installing the certificate.

Two Options are there for you to have private SSL, they are:

  • Buy it using the cPanel of Bluehost
  • Or install third party SSL certificate

SSL Certificate plays a vital role in your webpage’s security. Here, you will find the best benefits on your order of SSL certificate through Bluehost and boost your website’s reliability.

  • Automatic installation
  • Instant validation
  • Seal on web portal
  • 128/256-bit encryption

Before going to use FTP, you need to enable SSH access to your account, her we have provided some steps to follow:

How to get Access of SSH/Shell?

By default, it will be not enabled, to enable it you need to check your hosting purchase. Once it was over, the SSH access will be allowed in the cPanel.


  • First, log in to your cPanel
  • Click the SSH/Shell Access icon in the security section
  • Then have a touch of the Manage SSH Access button and then choose SSH Access Enabled from the drop-down list
  • Finally press the submit button

Please click here to check your hosting account

FTP Setup Using SFTP

Using FTP on your web hosting, it will be the prominent way to transfer files. When picking FTP hosting service, you need to consider some couple of information like

  • Security
  • Customer & Tech Support
  • Storage
  • File Tracking Access

FTP Connection Settings

Domain name or IP address



Port 21

Bluehost php.ini Recommended Settings

Configuring the HP Environment with php.ini

How to create a new php.ini file?


Generating a new php.ini file will be very easily and can be done through cPanel. First login to your control panel and go to the PHP Config Icon, which located under Software/Services section. Choose the php version what you have been using, whether it will be:

PHP 5.4 – which will be the latest version and it will handle all .php files by the PHP 5.4 engine

PHP 5.4 Single php.ini – same as PHP 5.4, but the difference is all subdirectories will use ~/public_html/php.ini

PHP 5.4 FastCGI – it will handle the .php files using PHP 5.4 FactCGI process. Which means, all your PHP applications run via mod_fastcgi instead of mod_suphp.

Choose the one that needs for your script and click the “Save Changes” button.

How to Configure PHP for an Addon Domain?

Are you like to set up a new php.ini file? Then Do it by following the above instructions. It will copy the server’s master php.ini file to the public_html directory as ‘php.ini.default’, which should be move to addon’s folder and rename to php.ini

If it is ‘single php.ini’, then create a .htaccess file in the folder of an addon. In that file, it requires containing a regular pho handler

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php

To check your addon domain is using the php.ini file, here you have a setup. Just discover a new file called info.php containing the below code:




Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost website builders make site creation very easy done through 2 different kinds of site builders.

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly

WordPress – Website Bulider

WordPress is an open source platform, where most the blog and sites are creating via it. Where the platform offers countless templates and themes at an affordable price and most of them are free, which is very customizable and fully featured.


  • Just install the WordPress and choose any domain name on your Bluehost account
  • Select the domain what you like to install
  • Fill the details and proceed with clicking Install Now button
  • With few seconds, the Bluehost builds the WP website for you and allows you to enter into the most significant website building platform.

Weebly – Website Builder

Weebly is a renowned for drag and drop builders and user-friendly interface. Here, the free version is available for regular Bluehost customers. If you prefer to use fully-functional website, you can use a premium version. It has unlimited pages and some more advanced features to get a website up and to sprint.


  • Signing up to Bluehost account, get access to your hosting control panel
  • You will see the Weebly under Website Builders block
  • Click on it that will take you to the plan selection page, choose the plan what you like to use, Basic, Professional, and E-Commerce
  • And start with building the pages for your website

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