15+ Best WordPress Theme Frameworks 2018

As everyone knows WordPress is the best ever blogging platform with high personalization options that let the users to change the site as they like. To increase the usability and power of the themes, the WordPress Theme Frameworks is vital as it gives a look and feels as you like for your website. The WordPress themes are just like normal themes but it is way more powerful because of its custom features.

So, What is the Framework?

A framework is known as the advanced kind of WordPress theme or plugin which allows users to customize in the way the user desire. The framework is also known as the parent theme. Normally the framework is the core code that covers basic features and design elements.

Whenever a new theme is designed, the framework will be used as an initiative. This mainly helps the designer to switch over to the new themes without the loss of core features and functionality of their website. In this post you can find various WordPress themes framework that are viral in WP theme industry. So, let’s get in to it!

Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

Well the best way to get a proper and secure WordPress theme is by getting premium frameworks from the prominent service providers. Here I have gathered some of the premium and best WordPress themes that can be used right away without any second thinking.

Genesis Framework

StudioPress is a popular WordPress theme service provider over the years, the framework that comes with these themes is known as the Genesis framework. Each and every theme developed by StudioPress comes with Genesis builder.

Headway Themes

Headway themes is a simple drag and drop framework which allows even a non coders to design a website. With this framework you can control almost every element of the theme design such as colors, fonts and layouts by simple drag and drop option.

Divi By Elegant Themes

If you are eager to use elegant themes to build your website, then you should definitely consider this Divi framework. It is one of the extreme powerful frameworks listed in the post and with this user friendly drag and drop interface you can create adorable website with any possible visual combination. By paying just $69 you can get the entire collection of elegant themes backed up with the compelling framework.


All the WordPress themes designed by the Themify uses this framework along with the Themify builder. It’s simple drag and drop interface allows users to create page layouts and populate them. This builder are managed to create the grid layout that consists of multiple rows and columns with responsive nature. If you want to use this builder, then you have to choose a theme from Themify.

Tesla Themes


Dynamik Website Builder


Ultimatum Theme

iThemes Builder

Thesis – DIY Themes


Page Lines

Free WordPress Theme Frameworks

Are you a non coder or a beginner who are in search of free WordPress framework? Its the moment to cherish. As we have presented some of the ultimate wordpress theme framework that can be used without any cost.





After reading this best up round of frameworks, I hope you may have understood which WordPress theme perfectly fits for you. If you find any other framework worth to add in this list, let me know in the comments below!

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