Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales In Your Online Store

If you wish to start a business online, then you should prefer to go with Shopify being the best e-commerce platform in the web industry. In this modern tech world, the Shopify has consistently gained popularity with its modern interface, user-friendly options, and support. And so many online business owners prefer to use Shopify to showcase their offerings.

While starting the business you may be implementing multiple marketing strategies in order to boost sales in your business. Along with this, you will need some smart choice of Shopify apps which can help you in promotion business sales in an effective way.

Integrating the Shopify apps provides a competitive edge over other big players and also help you in achieving a strong foothold among them. If you are new to Shopify app, or you are confused about selecting one, below are top 10 Shopify apps that are best recommended to boost your e-commerce sales.

Top 10 Must Have Shopify Apps

Boost Sales

Boost Sales is one of the primarily used add on all type of e-commerce platform, It helps to lift up the conversion and sales by increasing the order valued based on the customers. Boost Sales seamlessly integrates with Shopify sites and this has an user-friendly interface that is responsive to all size of devices. Boost Sales is the “must-go-to” Shopify app for any online stores looking to scale up purchase value per customer.

  • Upsell & Cross-sell offers to higher valued items
  • Excite the customers providing last step offers
  • Motivate customers to spend little more

Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box is the easiest and most simple app which will help to turn every visitor into the potential customer. When customers first enter your store, a beautiful and responsive popup will show up to offer them a discount for following one of your social profiles. And so your brand will be more visible and you can also gain huge fan base in social networks. This app works great on all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile phone!

  • Ability to convert visitors to sales with admiring coupon popup
  • Includes 100% customizable popup themes to allow unique designs
  • Exit intent popups to prevent cart abandonment
  • Easily converts bouncing visitors into paying customers


In online business retaining the old or acquiring the new customers are very much difficult than sales. Swell is a wonderful tool that helps Shopify merchants build a highly customizable loyalty program with customers and make theme to revisit the store often. Swell incentivise your customers to interactive with you and come back and by this retain repeat customers at relatively low cost.

  • One stop and easy to use rewards, referral programs, and email captures
  • Offers more than 10 unique ways to reward your customers
  • Has enterprise level customization tool for perfect extension to the brand
  • Includes generous free plan which comes free until you reach 100 orders per month


Are you running a print-on-demand business, Printful provides the optimal solution that lets you focus solely on sales and marketing. Whenever the customers order a print design the orders will be automatically sent to Printful, made & printed and shipped directly to your customers without your involvement at any stage.

  • No need for stock inventory, equipment cost or monthly fees
  • Integrates and fulfill all the customer’s orders automatically
  • Full access to hundreds of product choices and services
  • It has over 200 products and variations to choose from


Oberlo isn’t a full e-commerce platform, but rather an extension you can install on sites built on Shopify and other places. The goal with the tool is to quickly import products to dropship while sitting back and having Oberlo package and ship the products to your customers. Similar to the WordPress configuration, the Oberlo dashboard has a clean menu on the left-hand side for completing a wide variety of tasks.

  • Imports dropshipped products to your online store directly
  • Need just a few clicks to ship orders directly to the customers
  • Automatically fulfill all the process like storing, ordering, shipping
  • Provided uptodate information on inventory and prices

Persistent Cart

Bulk Discounts

Yotpo Social Reviews

If you’d like to add simple product review areas for customers to fill out, this is the solution for you. It’s completely free, and you get features such as bulk filtering, exporting, importing, SEO friendly review scores and more.

Yo – Display Recent Sales in Real Time

Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

Hopefully, you get a chance to check out the popular Shopify apps and once you add these apps you will be ready to take your store to next level. In this post, I have mentioned only some top apps needed for a successful shop and you can find plenty more apps out there. Start using the apps right now and grab more attention from the customers. Good luck!

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