Best Scroll Back to Top WordPress Plugins

Have you ever seen the WordPress Websites add a gentle Scroll to Top page effect? It will be a great one when you have a long page, and you want to make easier to go back to the upper part for your users. Here we are ready to present how they are and what are the best plugin to use?

One of the highest priority you should focus on your website is to make your blog or portal more convenient for the users or visitors. Especially, when you content is too much great or lengthy, at that time you have to download and activate the WordPress Scroll To Top plugins for your websites.

What’s the Need for this Plugin?

WordPress Back To Top plugin plays a vital role in this regard

Where the Scroll Back to Up button will make easy for the readers to go back to the top of the plugin with just a click, it will take them to the top of the current post or page smoothly.

Here, we are going to explain a vast collection of best WordPress plugin, which adds scroll back to the top of the page of your website. If your WordPress Portal doesn’t have it, then make use of any below-mentioned top plugin for Go Back To Top.

Top Most List of Scroll Back To Top WordPress Plugins for 2017

Simple Back To Top

This Simple Back To Top is the top most plugin works great, where you can set up within a minute. To install this plugin, you need WordPress 3.0 or higher and its last update in January 2018. Just make use of this plugin, where it will help the users to go back to the top quickly via clicking the icon or button on the bottom.


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Dynamic “To Top” Plugin

Dynamic “To Top” Plugin has active installs about 40,000 or more, which requires WordPress version 3.4 or higher. For each webpage’s need, it features a perspective control panel to style and adjusts. The button appears only for JS enabled browsers and can be optionally disabled for mobile visitors. It adds dynamic and automatic To Top button to quickly scroll lengthy post back to the very top most of the page.


  • Supports image and text versions
  • Panel optionally is available to style as you preferred.
  • For better performance, it has caches and minifies CSS.
  • You can translate the plugin into more languages.


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Page Scroll to id

Page scroll to id is a jQuery plugin, which empowers animated page scrolling to peculiar id inside a document. To use this plugin, it requires WordPress version 3.3 or above and jQuery version 1.6.0 or more. You can feel free to use this one for a simple back to top links or complex single pages or posts web page navigations.


  • Both vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • Auto movable scroll to position & animation speed.
  • Links or targets highlight via ready to use CSS classes.
  • Page scrolling to or from different pages.
  • Upgraded scroll to a position offset.


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WPFront Scroll Top

It permits the users to scroll back smoothly to the top of the page, where the plugin is thoroughly customizable option and image. It will be quite quickly to configure by extensive collection options to choose from it.


  • You can set any kinds of image.
  • Also, hide on small devices or iframes.
  • Has pages or posts filters.
  • Auto hide is available.
  • Create text or image button.
  • Animation effects on scrolls the page back to the top.


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Scroll Back To Top

Scroll Back To Top is a WordPress Plugin, which helps to add a button that shows up alone though the users scroll down to the page granting them to the top of the current page. Activate this plugin to your WordPress sites and see the result how it is!


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To Top

To Top plugin is terrific lightweight that adds a floating box on the right side on the bottom by default. Whenever you have a long page or lengthy content, you can activate this plugin, which will be very favorable for the users to get back to the top.


  • Live preview through customizer.
  • According to your desire, you can assign background color, icon color, size and shape of the icon.
  • You can set icon or image opacity.
  • Decide the location of the icon.
  • Make visible or invisible in admin pages.


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Scroll Top

Scroll Top plugin developed by Theme Junkie, which will the quick way to display back to top button to your WP websites. The current version of the plugin is version 0.9, just download it and activate in your webpage. For this, the WordPress portal version should be 4.0 or more and compatible up to 4.4.2.


  • It comes up with the limitless color option.
  • Retina Support.
  • Custom CSS area.
  • Option for a position change to left or right.
  • Mobile device friendly plugin settings.


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Float To Top Button

The ongoing version of the Float To Top Button plugin is version 2.2.1, which updated at the end of December 2018. This will be very straightforward and configurable wrapper for Mark Goodyear’s ScrollUp jQuery plugin. It will naturally add a sticky “Go To Top” button to the bottom of the pages or posts of your portal. CAGE web design creates the plugin, just download it and enjoy.


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Smooth Scroll Page Up/Down Buttons

Smooth Scroll Page Up/Down buttons plugin is for WP adds buttons to every page of your site. To activate this plugin on your dashboard, you no need to have any coding knowledge regarding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It can be used to scroll up or down exactly on screen or page at a time. When you think that the content or text of the page is too long, you can mainly handle this pages with a button that will take the visitors to the very top of the post.


  • 3 Options for the button are positioning.
  • You can set the scrolling speed at which page you want.
  • Assign scrolling distance for a full page, half page or however you like.
  • Optional bonus button ‘Back to top’.


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Scroll to Top

Scroll to Top entirely written in jQuery, where its adds a floating box in the center of the footer section of your web page. The button will be visible when you scroll the page down, when the users clicked, it will roll back to top gently.


  • Effortless scrolling animation powered by the jQuery.
  • Fantastic customizable choices through the admin panel.
  • Supported by major modern browsers including IE6.
  • No need for any markup to your theme.


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WP to Top

It functions perfectly no matter what the visitors are doing; it simply does what it is supposed to do. Just try this plugin for you portal, where the plugin will automatically add a ‘Back to Top” icon to your blog.


  • Sprinkled with few cool CSS3 effects.
  • Customizable option for color, position, and scroll duration.
  • Glossy scrolling animation option.


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Back To Top

If you like to add Scroll to Top button for your webpage, you can use this back to top plugin without any hassle. It is very simple to use and comes up with its setting pages in admin control panel, which makes it easy for you to set up the button where you like to place. You may use an image from the existing list or upload your image or create a button using text.


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Jcwp Scroll to Top

Jcwp Scroll To Top plugin is free, which provides granular control on styles, positioning and button animation. This type of plugin will perfectly integrate with your site, where you can have many varieties of easing animations supported. It needs WordPress 2.8 or higher version to utilize this plugin functions, and the plugin was updated last year.


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ToTop Link

ToTop Link is a simple plugin for WordPress, which includes an unobtrusive “Back to top” link to your website. It released under a GPL license that includes jQuery to offer a slick UX. The button will appear once the page has scrolled and disappear when the user returns to the top of the page.


  • Easily customize the link’s position, style or text.
  • Either you can use existing image or your custom image.


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Simple Scroll to Top Button

Add this Simple Scroll to top button plugin to your website, which will add a professional look to your blog. In a simple and elegant way, you can add a Scroll to Top button to your site. It helps to visitors, where they can easily go back to the top of the webpage with a click of the button. You have extreme 40 variations of buttons with the combination of 10 symbols and 4 backgrounds from FontAwesome library.


  • Fully Responsive and Retina display support.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Symbol and background color changer.
  • You can change size, background, and symbol of the button
  • You may display the button for entire website or in home page


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Scroll To Up

Scroll to Up WordPress plugin provides custom settings where no other plugin have. For this plugin, WordPress version 3.5 or higher is needed and it last updates on December 2015. This plugin makes the scrolling of a page easier for the user, where the post has a long and lengthy content on your websites. It appends an icon at the bottom of the page that attracts user attention.


  • Pre-designed icons are available.
  • The fluid or responsive icon that can be compatible with all WP themes.
  • It will be very easy to activate and user-friendly one.
  • No need to have any coding knowledge.
  • You can change the text, color or background of the button according to your desires.
  • Tested and working on most of the famous browsers.


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CS Back Top

CS Back Top plugin is developed using jQuery, which has a smooth scrolling animation powered by Codesalsa jQuery Back Top plugin. When the page scrolls down by the users, the plugin will synthesize an elegant looking Back To Top button at the right footer position of your page. Without any demand of template modifications, the plugin will consolidate to your WordPress blog or web portal.


  • Customizable settings on admin panel.
  • It will surely work out on almost all browsers.
  • You can have numerous icon styling and sizes to set.
  • Supporting responsive layouts.


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Gp Back To Top

The current version of GP Back To Top WordPress Plugin is 1.0, where it requires WordPress 3.2 or higher version to take the advantages of this plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can create Back To Top custom button for your website. This plugin works great, where most the WordPress Website developers are happy with its functions and features.


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Smooth Scroll Up

Smooth Scroll Up WordPress plugin is a lightweight, where you can feel easy to use and install it in your blog or website for the users favourable. It will generates a customizable Back To Top features at the footer section in your WP portals. More than thousands of WordPress website developers has been utilizing this plugin for this regards.


  • Different scroll element types are available to choose.
  • The plugin has an option to add custom JavaScript code, CSS code, and on-click events.
  • You can set the distance from the top.


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Scroll Bar With Back To Top

Are you hunting for a very simple and smooth slide to the top of your page, then look into Scroll Bar with Back To Top plugin and activate it now. This plugin is an easily customizable one that has a user-friendly plugin settings option. To download and activate this plugin, you don’t want to have any key features or knowledge regarding coding and techniques.


  • The installation will be quite easy and quick.
  • You can change the color of the button to your favor.
  • Fully customizable with scroll top settings panel.


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As Shown Above

Stay up to date with our most recent updates and we hope that you will be happy with our list of Scroll Back To Top WordPress plugins for 2017. You can try any of them, which are the hand-picked collections. Suppose, if there is any other best plugin missed means, just remained us via comments, we will update it as soon as possible.

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  • I was debating on using one of these plugins on my blog but was not sure which I wanted. I had it narrowed down but now I think I am going with Scroll To Up, which is one I wasn’t even aware of! Sounds super easy to install and set up and it is customization! Everything I was looking for!