Best Internet of Things (iot) News & Blog Websites

Universally, the internet and the technology is the most influential factor in our world. These both field never fails to bring us the exciting advancement, and they always promise to make our life better. In recent years, you can see a vast explosion in technologies concerning innovation and creativity along with the internet.

And it is specified as the “Internet of Things”, and some call it as “Internet of Everything”

The advent of the internet of things (IoT) has drawn significant attention from people and has become the most preferred area of interest. But how much you know about it, Very less right? That’s why I have provided this post to let you know better about the internet of things and also the websites from where you can learn more exciting news of IoT.

First, what exactly is Internet of Things?

Internet of things is defined as a scenario where everything has an ability to communicate with the internet in real time. So that, their process can be tracked and monitored effectively. It has more fantasy among people because Internet of things will organize your life preferably by saving your time.

According to Wikipedia, the “Internet of things” phrase is not a new notion. It was first used by Kevin Aston in the year 1999. Since then this buzzword has gained much popularity in certain circles.

Definitely, in future, there will be more developments in IoT market, and so to stay up to date with the IoT related information the websites are necessary. With the internet of things sites, you can know latest ongoing evolution in the world of IoT.

Popular Internet Of Things (IoT) News & Blog Websites

However, there are many websites and blogs to share the news and events about the Internet of things.  Spending time in identifying the site that gives all the information you need is daunting.  So for your ease, we have collected and presented the best sites below. Let’s dive in and know about each of them in brief!


The Bosch blog is streamlined with articles of automated products that made the life of the people much easier. This blog shares best proceedings and case studies of connected product, services and solutions in business and technologies linked to the Internet of things.


 IoT list

IoT list is a pretty cool site with the list of latest trending internet of things. In this site, you can see a showcase of new IoT products that makes the users life better and efficient. From here you can buy the devices and can also learn about their usage in detail. It shares IoT ideas, information’s, news, projects and many that you are not aware of.


 IoT Journal

IoT Journal is an independent website launched in 2014 to provide the IoT associated technologies and business solutions. Its mission is to aid the companies by providing the unbiased latest reviews about the IoT products.

Annually, Internet of things conference is held by IoT journal to get in-depth information on the current innovations in IoT technologies.  It publishes papers and articles on the latest advances in the internet of things aspects.


 Internet of Things Events

If you want to know about the IoT events and conferences happening around the world, then this site should be your first choice. Because this site focuses on showing the upcoming events announced in the current year.

It renders an extensive list of the internet of things events that take places over the year. Hence, this site is referred as the complete list of IoT events diary that provides the list of every possible crisis of IoT.


 IoT Now

IoT Now is a leading global magazine platform that explores evolving stuff in Internet of things. It is also one of the fastest growing websites that come with the news and the articles skinned to the internet of things.

This site covers all the challenges faced by the industries while using Internet of things along with the solutions. Thence, with the help of those articles, you can run your own IoT based business without any interference.



Postcapes is a dedicated blog which tracks the peoples and companies who are all creating the internet of things. It is a platform with a catalog of projects, events, interviews and the company’s job listing within the industry. Along with it also hosts annual IoT awards recognizing the past year’s best products across the industry.


 Internet of Things Council

The internet of things council is site endowed by Rob van Kranenburg to cover all the interest topics in IoT. This website is really useful for those who are stepping into the internet of things for the first time. The scope of this council is to project the things that are proceeding in IoT.

“An independent Think Tank for Internet of Things.”


 IoT News Network

Similar to IoT Journal it is an independent network of resources for the internet of things. It main purpose is to collect and live stream all the news and updates related to the Internet of things. This site allows users to submit their own IoT associated articles and products on their website.


 IoT Agenda

IoT agenda is the phenomenal blog that provides the news with strategies which enhance the usage of IoT products in the business. From this site, you can gain knowledge on all the aspects of software’s, embedded systems, sensors, applications, environmental tools and strategies that are used to build and run the IoT products.


 Electronics of Things

Are you a searching bout Internet of things? You will often land on the site called Electronics of Things. This site is the most favored one of all the IoT lovers as it is more beneficial for visitors who want to educate themselves about all the recent developments in Internet of things technology.


 Internet Of Things World News

IoT world News is a site from the “Informa Telecoms and Media” to showcase the advancement in the IoT field. This site is mentioned as the leading online news site for the publications of articles in the internet of things field across the globe.


 IoT Weekly News  

It is a website that highly focused on the news and the articles from the experts about the Internet of things. If you want to get access to their information you want to subscribe with your email address. After that, the weekly published articles will be delivered to you directly to your inbox without the need for payment.


By now, you have better understood that the Internet of things is the hot topic in the every industry. Regardless of what we think and what we learn, every day more news are coming about the internet of things.  So, it’s better to read this post clearly to step into the right direction.

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