Best Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money

For anyone in the business, it is important to advertise their products and business page. In fact, while surfing the web, there are so many things to share with your friends. Each time you share the URL, you may find it too long and beyond the limit. That’s why the URL shortening service has come to the rescue; aside from shortening the links they even help you to earn money.

URL Shortener- What is it? URL (Unique or Universal Resource Locator) Shortener is relatively a simple technique on the internet which makes URL to shorter in length but still directing to the same web page. This method will provide you a bit of an edge to advertise your opportunity.

How To Earn Money With URL Shortener Networks?

Making money from Shortened URL in online is an easy and straightforward task. For this, you don’t need any technical skills, just follow the instructions below.

  • First, sign up with any of the URL shortening websites provided below
  • Copy a link you wish to share and make it short from the chosen site
  • Share the link in blog, forums, Facebook, Google, Twitter or other websites
  • When anyone clicks on your given Short links, an ad will be displayed for 5 seconds
  • After skipping the ad, the page will redirect toward original destination link.

For each click and the referral, the company pays you and they pay a maximum of $1 to $10 per 1000 views for a URL, and they also have reference system which gives you some referral commission.

The following is a list of best URL shortener providers in which you can join now and start making money online by promoting shortened URL.

Top 15 Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites – 2018


Now you can use top URL shortener sites to shorten links as well as to earn money online; Ally is such type of free URL shortening which allows users to earn income by shortening and sharing links online. The looks and the user interface of the website look professional and very attractive.

It contains a single powerful dashboard that let you manage and control everything. It handles URLs, splash pages, settings, payments and even creates bundles.


Reasons to Use Ally

  • It process payments on a daily basis the minimum payment amount is $1
  • It offers a referral program, from which users can earn 20% earnings as commission
  • Allows users to track the number of clicks, the country, and the referrer
  • You can export the URLs to others along with summary of stats as CSV
  • To redirect visitors to specialized pages, It presents geotarget to your links

Are you Looking for a High Paying and Trustful URL  shorter to earn some money. There is one good URL shortener named Bc.Vc. It is a trending and modern free URL shortener site that can help you to create shortened links and pay for it. Bc.Vc is a great source of income for bloggers and affiliate marketers as it offers a good affiliate program which gets you 10%of your referred user revenue as commission.


Reasons to Use

  • By referring Bc.Vc codes on your website or blogs you can earn money
  • You can straightaway shorten the links and share it with friends on social media
  • The payment will be available on a weekly basis and the minimum payout is $10
  • The mass URL shrinkers let users to short multiple URLS at once in a single click
  • It offers real-time stats and accurate revenue reports with friendly interface dashboard has pretty much positioned itself as the renowned URL shortener by offering robust set of features that allow users to shorten, share and track links.. This links can be used in websites, emails and other venues wherever you need to share. is a European based link shortener tool that is connected to advertising network to build and manage right campaigns. Unlike other link shortener sites, is the best and easy way to share link online and make some decent cash.


Reasons to Use

  • Pays on time and it has minimum Payout of $5 through Paypal and $20 through Payoneer
  • Their referral program brings you 20% commission of referred person earnings lifetime
  • Includes wide range of monetization tools, ready to use scripts and plugins for blog
  • It offers only premium ads and payout with high CPM rates and global coverage
  • It provides six ways to make money: Entry, Exit, popup ads, short links, referral program and website sharing scripts

If you are an individual user, who are looking to earn money by promoting links, is best one to consider. Like other URL Shorteners mentioned in this list, it is also a free program with high payout rates, and non intrusive ads. offers three useful tools to encourage your earnings on, and they are Mass Shrinker, Quick Link, Full Page Script. Here, you can earn up to 20% of your referral earnings just by referring new customers to


Reasons to Use

  • It pays you for the each legitimate visitors who click on your shortened links
  • It contains a simple user interface with many utilities to maximize your earnings
  • Payouts rates are decent, and this rate differs for countries on daily basis
  • All your earnings will be paid automatically on the 1st day and 15th day of each month
  • It comes with full mobile support that helps you to view the stats on mobile device


LinkShrink is another such great reputed URL shortener site which gives you opportunity to shorten URL’s and earns extra cash at same time. For more earnings, It provides effective tools like multishrink, quick shrink, custom link and website scripts.

Once you shrink or shorten the link with the LinkShrink, the advertisement page would be attached automatically to that link. So when a user clicks on that short link, they will see the page with ads initially. Later it gets redirected to the destination page you provided.


Reasons to Use LinkShrink

  • Brings you detailed stats to know your audience and strategies better
  • Invite friends to LinkShrink and earn 20% of their incomes as referral earnings
  • The webmasters can use the LinkShrink scripts to generate traffic and income
  • From LinkShrink, you will get 10% commission of your referred user revenue


A Popular URL shortening site, which pays its users for shortening and sharing the links in websites or blogs. Here you can earn up to $6.70 per 1000 visitors and the request for the payment can be made once you reach $10. Like other sites, it also offers 20% revenue generated by your referrals. Every action performed with the link from your account will be monitored and if they found any suspicious, your account will be banned promptly.



P.Pw is a simple service for earning money by shortening and sharing the URL’s. It works the same way as other URL shortening providers, the custom URL made from this site will not expires. They pay up to 70% of incoming traffic and the payment will be dome immediately after you reach $5, the minimum payout level.



Ysearch URL shortening service is started with an aim to provide the best quality web traffic at affordable price. Its user friendly system shrinks the URL and gets you millions of traffic to your link in no time. Just share your short links to the other sites and get paid up to $5, if one thousand users clicked your shared links. The payout may vary depending on the visitor’s country.









Link Earn



In this post, I have just shared you some URL shorteners websites that are highly preferred in these days. I hope you have found this article more useful. So, which one is the best? Just share your personal preference here with likable features so that we can know it better.

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