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Best Free Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

According to web strategies, social media networks play the biggest source of traffic after search engines. Due to the success of the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., become desperate for bloggers to attract or retain the customers to their web page without social media presence.

Hence, most of the internet developers have forced to adapt the social media features in their websites or blog. In fact, for promoting an exciting content and to connect with the users, a blogger has to spend most of the time on social media. But it is not possible as other than that there are so many things have to be done to make a delightful web presence.

Do You Need A Social Sharing Plugin???

It is commonly known that social media is the great place for marketing in recent days. So, social media has become quite important in the website. But, how do you determine if you need a social engagement plugin?

Remember that blogging is a long-term work, in that sharing your article and engaging the audience with your content is a primary one. For this you need to dedicate all your time in tracking the audience, their likes, dislikes and many, it is hard, right? At that point, you will find that a social sharing plugin is the necessary one for your website.

In order to help you, I have revealed some of the incredible tools that can automate a big portion of your social media sharing. As all the plugins listed in this post are coming as free, you should definitely give a try to any one of them you like the most.

20+ Free Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins

Danny Social Sharing Plugins

Social sharing plugin by Danny is an extremely free versatile plugin with an ability of sharing and customization. It strips the extra weight coding by providing simple text links for Twitter, Google and Facebook without any dependencies on external scripts. This straightforward and user-friendly plugin has its own style of functionalities with better user engagement tool to share what they just read with their social network.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Includes simple icons styles with hover effect
  • Sharing links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • Make the links open in the pop-up window
  • Both shortcode and template function for button display
  • Translation ready and overridable filter settings

Kiwi Social Share       

So far, Kiwi social share is the favourable free plugin that adds social media sharing buttons. It links the social network like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus and email to your website posts, pages. The eye catching icons with ultimate loading speed and futuristic approach has made this plugin popular across the global users.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Individual Turn ON/ OFF button for each network
  • Ability to rearrange icon position on the share bar
  • Shift style approaches with four different skins
  • Images display before content, after content or both
  • Responsive on all devices with incredible loading speeds

Sassy Social Share       

If you are looking for an all in one plugin for social media marketing, Sassy social share might be the one. This simplest is totally free plugin designed flexibly with lot of customization option and it claims to run on the websites own servers without any links to external servers. It also allows the user to link up and share with more than 100 social sharing and bookmarking service.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • 100+ Sharing/Bookmarking services with free customization options
  • Standard sticky and floating display layout for sharing icons
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce
  • Multisite Compatible and mobile ready design icons
  • Supports HTTPS-enabled websites and Url Shortening Service
  • Quickest support for 24/7 to assist you in your queries

AccessPress Social Share        

AccessPress Social share is a solid free plugin for those who are looking to share their website content on the major social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Digg. In the Pro version you can get more jaw droppting features and functionalities on sharing.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Very Interactive, Drag & Drop user-friendly interface
  • Avail options to select social media profile show
  • Cache settings to avoid frequent API calls
  • Fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices
  • Lifetime update with dedicated email & forum support

Ultimate Social Media  

With Ultimate Social Media plugin you can boost your sites presence over 200+ powerful social media platforms. To increase your blog followers, it provides animation effects like automatic shuffling and mouse hover effects on the social media icons. Perhaps the only drawback to this plugin is that it only allows you the displays of social buttons at the end of the posts, with no options to display it anywhere else.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Over 16 varying design set for the social media icons
  • Automatic shuffling and Mouse hover effects for icons
  • Customized pop-up asking people to follow/share
  • Make the social media icons display ‘float’ or ‘sticky’
  • Includes Email Subscription and social media counter
  • Multiple customization actions to one social media icon

Social Share Pug    

One of the most popular sharing solutions on the Web is Social Pug. This plugin lets users to improve their website creditability by sharing their post in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Moreover it presents varying possible actions for buttons like counter, editable button labels, retina ready  sharp icons , etc.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Increase the website's credibility with posts social share counts
  • Floating Sidebar Share Buttons on either side of the screen
  • Editable Button Labels for maximum user engagement
  • Track the source of your incoming traffic with Google Analytics
  • Uses best looking Retina Ready Sharp Share Icons
  • Display total and individual share counts of social networks


Mashshare has evolved into one of the most professional and eco system WordPress social sharing plugins. This plugin supports retina ready, high resolution display and most importantly it loads your website faster. The buttons can be displayed about 4 different locations in the web page, and there’s a choice of either a floating bar or a fixed bar.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Light weight and No external share dependencies
  • Smart and Virtual functions for incredible fast page loading
  • Fully compatible with the third party social sharing plugins
  • Display default number of shares as social media counter
  • Render support for Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)


If you want a plugin that performs more than social media sharing solution, you should definitely consider Shareaholic. It is proudly known as the world's leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, that includes, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization for promoting content, native ads and affiliate links. It is designed to work flawlessly with devices of any size.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • 100% customized and mobile optimized icons for personalized look
  • Social media share & follow buttons with official Share Counters
  • Extended support for Google’s URL shortener and Google Analytics
  • Increased page views and user engagement by highlighting relevant content
  • Affiliate links setting to turn the sites existing links into rewards

Addthis Share Button  

Addthis is a must try WordPress social media plugin which has very well balanced and focused approach in social media sharing. This plugin lets you connect over 200+ social media networks and helps you in increasing the traffic of your website.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Encourage the visitors to share by including share counts
  • Sharing buttons display either above or below content
  • Intuitive controls like Turn on or off displayed share count
  • Support for variety of social button styles and sizes

Social Media Builder     

Social media builder is a user friendly and mobile friendly WordPress plugin that has made the sharing process so simple. These plugin comes with 7 social networks, 12 panel effects and many customization options to make your website more shareable.


Some of the Highlighted Features
  • Includes a presence of a visual editor for comfort customization
  • Gives freedom to decide the social media sites for particular blog topic
  • 12 different panels with adequate Multisite/Network support
  • User-friendly interface with mobile optimizing and responsive

Social Media Social Share Icon        

Social Media Feather  


GetSocial Share Button and Analytics 


Supsystic Social Share 


Blog2Social – Auto Publish   


Sharify Social Share Buttons   


ARSocial Share and Locker     


Social Master  


MiniOrange Social Login     


Social Share Buttons   




Social Media Gallery  


From this post, you can see that the rounds up social media widgets are very useful in drawing clients to your site. Instead of doing a standard time-consuming process, install this plugin and automate the process. Not only they will make you a more efficient social media manager, but they also make your blogging much easier.

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