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Can you imagine starting a company without a logo? Certainly not because the logo is the first thing that seen by every potential customer and it helps you in achieving the recognition you are ever dreaming of. Logo acts as the face of your business, so doubtlessly it is a must have one for every business. This article discusses the great logo designing software that has to be followed for designing a logo.

What exactly is Logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol or mark, often used by commercial business, enterprises, organizations and even by individuals to represents their identity related to the brand. Whatever kind of business or work you do, a unique logo is mandatory for marketing.

While designing a logo, there are two essential things you should keep in mind: It should capture the customers mind and something unique that can remember at an instant.

Before creating a logo remind to “Keep it simple”, because the simple logo has found to be more potent and effective in portraying the images of the company.

The logo can be developed either by a professional logo designer or simply by logo design software. Now, you may think why to choose the designing software if there are professional designers? Well, the professional artists ask for high fees whereas the software comes as free as well. Hence In my point of view, the software is the best as you can achieve the competent logo design quickly at the affordable cost.

A Good Logo Design Software Should,

Have detailed guide to explain all its working process detail

Avail hundreds of logo templates and predefined styles for text

Have access to numerous vector graphic symbols and the fonts

Include special effects and the filters for logo elements

Support import, export options, and multi-language feature

While surfing the internet you can land on hundreds of logo designing software, and all of them make you confused to find out the efficient one. Among them, I have collected some of the best logo design software which will help you in producing the quality logo. Let’s dive in…

Best Free and Paid Logo Design Softwares

 Adobe Photoshop             

Adobe Photoshop is the most impressive logo design software tool for professionals. Its rich environment for logo design along with the new features like quick edit options are much reliable for every standard user.

This software is not only created to create logos, new design but also can use for editing the graphics. For a beginner, it may be the little harder but after watching their online tutorials, you will feel like professional due to its incredible functionalities.

Why it is best?

 Includes most potent and advanced tools with faster control

 Instant Access to all new features as soon as they released

 Provides 3D characterization options in your 2D designs

 Modern user experience on Desktop and Smart touch devices

 Improved responsiveness of touch gestures and cloud libraries

 Free Trial Version is available for 30 days


 Corel Draw         

One of the favorite and most recommended free logo making software is the Corel Draw. This professionally designed application is specially designed for the use in graphics suite.

Corel draw is the trusted solution for creating logos as well as for any medium of visual communications. The users are allowed to create some amazing logos and professional vector drawing artworks with vast resources. Free Trail available.

Why it is best?

 Powerful Graphic and vector design tools that save your time

 Designed with many shortcuts to optimize your workflow

 It is capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages

 10,000 high-quality clip arts, 2000 pre-made templates and so much

 Works faster and more efficiently than other logo software’s


 Adobe Illustrator   

A best vector graphics software developed by the Adobe Systems, which developed the Adobe Photoshop. The interface of this software has made it possible to design a logo easily by all level of users.

With this enhanced software you can perform all types of designed oriented projects, and it is the best option for logo designing. It comes as a subscription plan also offers the free trial version to download.

Why it is best?

 Iterative update approach towards creative cloud platform

 Updated features to speed up the artwork development process

 Quick Bezier adjustments and controls for the smoothness

 Released new hardware to ensure leverage integration

 Highly simplified touch type tools and transform tool

 Available for Mac and Windows operating systems


 AAA Logo Design Software 

An incredible tool for professionals and beginners, in my point of view it is the worthy one for the beginners. It contains many well-ordered logo icons in tits library. In the latest version of this AAA logo design software, you can find greater improvement in speeds.

It remains as the incredible vector drawing tool for professionals with enhanced features on the creative side. Try this tool yourself with a free trial version available to download.

Why it is best?

 Can create any level of graphics with high-resolution printing

 Caters wide range of objects and templates for logo creation

 Get started without having any professional training

 Brings vocational and creative images with simple clicks

 Well suited to create the perky and youthful logos


 Sothink Logo Maker        

A logo can be done amazingly if you have owned this software. This logo design software helps you to create a logo in a fast and easy way. The shortcuts present in the software makes the designing process easier if you learn them.

You can start designing from a transparent sheet or else by launching any one of the many available templates for quickly designing great looking logos.

Why it is best?

 Provides immaculate interface control over the designing tool

 Fabulous built-in effect for the one clicks usage

 Excellent and easy to learn logo designer software at affordable price

 The software can be installed and activated within a matter of minutes

 Lots of creative ready to use templates from various categories


 Jeta Logo Designer            

Jeta logo designer is also ideal and powerful logo designer software specially designed for creating logos only in the Windows operating system. This program is aimed for the beginners who have no wisdom in graphics designing.

It is handy tool bundled with advancing editing tools for helping the users in rendering identical high qualified logos with dedicated support.

Why it is best?

 It contains more than 5000 icons and shapes for the making of logos

 Reasonably compatible with all the latest version of Windows operating system

 Highly supportive features and tools for professionals and newbie’s

 Accepts all types of image format for import and export

 Has both free edition and the business edition with advanced version


 Logo Smartz          

Logo Smartz is an adequate logo design software which comes with added graphical elements along with some edit options. It is free logo design software which allows the user to create logos with the help of numerous clip arts, icons, and sample logos.

This software comes with the tutorial and hence the users with less designing knowledge will be able to design visually pleasing logos with few clicks.

Why it is best?

 Ultimately loaded with pre-defined logo design template

 Models can be exported in PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and EPS formats

 5000+ readymade stunning vector graphics and symbols

 Includes more than 1500 taglines and slogans

 Available for both Windows and Mac operating system


 Serif Draw Plus 

The draw plus is really a fortune drawing program packed with the enormous feature to make the logo designing work more creative. It is a logo designing and vector graphics editor software developed by the Serif – a software company. The software tools have easy to customize and user-friendly update to provide and polished and professional look logo design.

Why it is best?

 More than 1800 high quality inbuilt logo templates

 Have the option to save your logo project as the template

 Includes logo smartz template libraries for add-on templates

 Authentic techniques to achieve professional looking results

logosoftware-serif drawplus

 Quick Logo Designer  

Are you running out of time and want to create logos for your business instantly then you should try Quick Logo Designer. As the name portrays, this easy to use software allows you to create unique and stunning logos as quickly as possible. On compared with other logo designing software, it is the one of the fastest and easiest software on the internet.

Why it is best?

 Rated as the most powerful logo design software on the net

 More than 2200 pre-defined professional logo templates

 Provides access to enduring 5000 symbols and fonts

 Import formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, EPS and PDF

 Has well-organized layout to present the tools as simple


 Laughing birds

This laughing birds logo creator is ideal for both newbies and professional designers with its large selection of templates, symbols, and icons. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to come up with a logo to meet your needs.

Not only creating logos, but you can also do so many things with this software like page headers, blog graphics, YouTube watermarks, Facebook images, forum graphics and much more.

Why it is Best?

 Many free templates and graphics with the purchase of this software

 Integrated with built in elements to make your own graphic

 The drag and drop feature make the designing more simple

 Give freedom to edit the template in the way you like



Best Free Logo Design Services Online

 Logo Maker            

If you want a powerful logo designer platform in online, the logo Maker will be the right choice. Moreover, this platform is free, and so you can design all the logos you desire without any cost. If you know how to create logos, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to create an amazing logo using Logo Maker.



With this online software, the process of logo creation becomes very simple and intuitive. According to the latest statistics, it is shown that you can even make the business envelope in Logaster. The logos created by this software retain to be in high resolution even though you’ve done any alteration in your logo.


 Logo Garden          

Do you want to create a free custom logo in online? You should opt Logo Garden. This design tool is free and hence you can edit and download your logo at anytime you want. It is the highly recommended tool for the small level designers who prefer to make their logo at the reasonable price.


 Free Logo Services             

Creating a logo with the free logo services platform is very straightforward. Also, it provides completely safe and secure platform for the users who want to make their logo in online without spending any price. More than thousands of satisfied customers are using this site to create their brand identity. So, you can use it without any doubt.


 Logo Yes     

Logo Yes is a simple yet powerful logo designing platform in the online market. This software is specialized in allowing the designers to create the customized company logo designs within few minutes. To offers HD designs, this software is customized with many highlighted tools and features.


 Logo Genie

Logo Genie is that another most useful tool used for the logo and vector drawing process. It light drawing tools are easy to use and more useful for the newbies without prior skills in designing. Simply make a try with this online design tool to make your logo iconic and famous in your business community.



Creating a logo using these logo creator tools are needed if you are in need to grow your business or develop your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or professionals because this software works adaptively for both levels of users. Pick any of your desired software from our list and give your business a professional and ever-lasting logo that makes you shine. So what do you choose?

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