How to add Google Search in WordPress

A Google Search on your website is a powerful tool which helps the readers find information easier on a particular site. Do you wish to add Google search to your WordPress site? WordPress already has an inbuilt search feature, but still, it is not that much useful than adding a Google search. Therefore, all site owners want to add it on their WordPress site.

Are you ready to know about how quickly to add the Google Search on your website? First of all, you should have a keen understanding of the importance of Google Search in WordPress. Scroll down to know more about it.

Why is it necessary to Use Google Search in Word Press?

As already said, WordPress has a default search feature, but it is not up to the mark. Sometimes, it fails to examine the relevant results. This is why site owners seek for an alternative. There are a lot of search plugins available for WordPress but, it also faces some issues. They need to be managed well, and it creates an impact on the server resources too. Here are some of the WordPress Plugins to customize or to improve your site search.


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On the other hand, there is a reliable and powerful tool of Google which is available free. It enables you to limit the search and that too to your site only and can run on your site.

Benefits of using Google Search

  • Higher speed
  • Trusted one as users always trust the brand Google
  • No need to maintain or update
  • Provide Superior Search
  • Advanced search which includes video and audio content searching
  • Powerful administration in searching
  • Can integrate easily into websites
  • Offers Ad-free results
  • Outstanding quality at free cost

How to Add Google Search in WordPress

The following are the methods to add Google search to a WordPress site. Make use of this article and get relevant information using Custom Search on your website.

Method 1: Add Google Search in WordPress with Plugin

If you are a beginner, then this method is highly recommended for you. There is no need to modify or alter your theme files while adding Google Search to your WordPress site.  First of all, you should install WP Google Search plugin and activate it.

STEP 1:First of all, you should install WP Google Search plugin and activate it. During Activation, you need to check Setting ->> WP Google Search to set up the plugin. The plugin will ask for a Google Search Engine id.


STEP 2: And you can get a search engine ID if you visit Google Custom Search Website and then click on a line named “New Search Engine” on the left side.


STEP 3: Just provide your WordPress site’s URL in the field “Sites to Search” and then continue choosing the language of the website. Click on the button “Create” to move on to the next step. Now, Google will be responsible for making your custom search engine, and finally, it will show you a success message along with links for further process. If you want to edit your search engine, just click on the control panel button.


STEP 4: Make a Click on the “Search Engine ID” button to know your Id and then copy it for further actions.


STEP 5: As a next step ahead, click on the “Look and Feel” section and under the Layout tab, pick results only. Save it using the “Save” button at the bottom of the page for storing your changes.


It’s the time to switch back to your WordPress site then. As you have copied the search engine ID already in the WP Google Search’s settings page, Click on the “Save Changes” button to store the plugin configuration.

STEP 6: Visit Appearance ->>Widgets page and look for WP Google Search Widget in the available widget list. Finally, drag and drop the widget to a sidebar where you wish to display the search form. Again, you need to click on the save button for storing the widget settings. Now, get ready to visit the website to listen to the search form in action.


Method 2: Adding Google Search in WordPress manually

This method is not recommended for beginners as it requires the WordPress themes or child themes files to be modified. If you want to change your theme files, ensure that whether you have backed up your WordPress site before making any changes.

STEP 1: To Start with, visit Google Custom Search website and click on the New Search Engine link on the left side. As you have already done, only give your WordPress site’s URL in the “Sites to Search” field.


STEP 2: Select the language of the website and click on the “Create” button to move to the next process. After that, Google will create your custom search engine by showing you a confirmation message also with links to go ahead to the next step.



STEP 3: Click on the “Get Code” button and you will see code in the text area as above on the next screen. Copy the code and get to the next step. An FTP Client is essential for the next step.

Why is FTP necessary?

Whenever you install and activate a plugin using the dashboard, there may be an incompatibility with an existing plugin. This will create a white screen throughout the site so that you can’t do anything. To avoid such situation, FTP is needed so that instead of panicking, you can log in and delete it if you have the FTP connection

STEP 4: Get connected to your website using FTP and go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/folder. Now you have to replace your theme folder with the name of your current theme.

STEP 5: Just locate the searchform.php file in the WordPress theme directory and download it to your system and then open it in a text editor like Notepad. Delete the contents of the file and finally, paste your Google search engine code into it and save.


STEP 6: Upload the file to your WordPress site using FTP and after pasting the code, go to Appearance->> Widgets for dragging and dropping the Search widget into the sidebar. Save the Widget Settings and you can see the Google search in action on your site.


How to Customize Google Search Engine Colours and Looks?

Edit your Search engine in the Google Custom Search Website and it will display the settings for your search engine. You need to click on the “Look and Feel” section of the sidebar. There you have some pre-made themes by Google custom search so that you can customize it easily using the tab “Customize”. You can choose your font, background color border and so on and save the changes to feel a different look of the Google Search.


This article is all about how to add Google Search in a WordPress site mainly for beginners. You can visit us on Twitter and Facebook to comment this article or ask queries related to it.


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