Best 9Gag or Meme Maker or Viral Fun Sharing Clone Script Websites

A 9gag clone is php software which was coded in ajax and php, makes the users to create your own funny pictures and videos. The user can upload the pictures and make them Trending and hot in social networks by voting on and switch over to various sections. If you are wishing to open a website related to 9gag, the users can post the pictures and make it as favourite, comment and fix it. Are you ready for investing USD 50 to USD 100?, ready to spend more time on quality viral content or memes, don’t worry as you can hire some of the php developer for customization. Simultaneously you are becoming popular and make more investment to succeed in this 9gag clone script.

You can also try wordpress based 9gag meme clone themes and plugins


1) – Starts at $50


The Gag clone script is the emerging Script fully loaded with sensible features, which creates a successive funny pictures websites. They are 100% PHP source coded of non-licensing files and supports more number of language system which support its own. You can upload both pictures and videos at the same time and grab the free bug fixes for period of life time. You can make yourself connect via Facebook and Twitter login and make more number of infinity paging on Profile gags.

You can create a powerful gag all alone with none support and Gagclonescript is encouraging more new add-ons like meme generator module, powerful gag clone, change the post URL, Start/Stop animated Gifs and even more.

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2) – $49


Thinking about best9gagclonescript, do and upgrade your picture posts, video posts and responsive videos post width. The user can make more number of posts voting as a registered member and enhance the number of likes/dislikes. Best9gagclonescript are supportive for multiple languages and preloaded with 14 languages where you can save the main information and visitor messages. The user profiles show more number of bookmarked posts via email, facebook and Google plus.

There are variety of add-ons are available under who are joining the affiliate will be having a referral ID. The Amazon AWS S3, blogs and description, bulk upload, disqus connect, embed code and more number of add-ons are making specialized for the customers.

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3)Flippy Funbox – $60

flippy funbox

Flippy Funbox is the best 9gag clone script which allow you to run own community with viral funny videos or pictures in less than 10 minutes. They support video sources such as Youtube, vine, Dailymotion, funny or Die and even vimeo with best templates system, comment system, voting system etc. Flippy Scripts will make our scripts SEO optimized and the website will get fast indexed in search engines. Cross browser compatibility will make the scripts even work in all types of latest major browsers.

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4) Flippy lolpix – $30

flippy lolpix

Are you looking for making a cool funny picture? Now it’s ready out of the box, featured with rich and ready to make go Flippy LOLpix. This script is made with HTML5 and CSS3, SEO friendly URL and you can get free updates and support for one year. The users can post the pictures and view them; voting system will make you more synchronize and automatic thumbnail for all pictures. You can upload your logo directly from the admin panel and add meta tags description. The addons are listed with flippy igallery, list ranker, bizlister, inspired, ihubs, sharezone and more number of additional addons will make you glitter always among the competitors.

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5) Flippy Viral Pics & Videos – $40

flippy viral and videos

It is the best time to support your own viral funny pictures and videos with more number of hotviral. It makes easy for you to manage and display with the cool pictures and videos such that you can make the great script to earn lot of money with the driven content. This will bring your web 2.0 professional look and feel, display the post title on thumbnail hover, visitors could view and post the images and videos.

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6) Advanced meme Maker – $21

advanced mememaker

Now find the best script maker that meets your requirements and this could be most advanced meme generator script from the internet. They are loaded with responsive design, advanced meme generator, viral features, social networking features, advertisement support and easy support for the translation. You can enter unlimited text, resize and change the text as well as stroke colour. They are made login with built in system via Facebook or Google, share with facebook, users can follow each one another.

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7) Rocketeer – $31

rocketeer viral

Rocketeer is a well known one-premium viral media script, and you can create polls, quizzes, news, upload images, create more memes and submit videos as per your wish. They are gaining more popularity and racketeer will have running with own viral site in a fraction of minute. Start creating your own viral media site today and it has shown to drive tons of traffic with photos, videos, memes, quizzes and polls with whole world. It is named as a flexible user friendly where you can update in regular mode and it supports Amazon S3 with rating as best quiz result.

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8) Ninja Media Script – $26

ninja media script

Named with Special name as Viral Fun Media Sharing Script and it is very much easy to install and make customizable as your own. This script will allow the users to upload any videos, GIFs or special kind of images, free enhancement to use unlimited images and video. Ninja Media Script is utilizing Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3 technology and more popular frameworks and libraries with easy server equipments. It has best watermark support with multiple color schemes, add more number of pages and get language translation with ready manner.

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9)  ReBrandOne 9Gag – $1499


Specialized in making online platform and best social media website in adhering with the users share the videos and images. 9gagTv is online platform where it allows the users to shared videos and exact mockup of the original 9gag TV. This clone will easily make you collaborate and find the best video from several kinds of web pages and sites in an easy content. The user can list their videos in several category with Awesome, fail, cute, funny etc in this clone.


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