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20+ Best Google Chrome Extesions For Bloggers

In web Industry one of the far most popular browsers is none other than Google Chrome. Ever wonder why that it is? The Chrome has the included with simple magic that can enhance the functionality of the browser. And the magic is called “Extensions”.Whether you want to save web content to your Google Drive, to create and annotate videos of your computer screen or to share your work in social media? There’s an extension for that.

For a lot of reasons, Google Chrome is popular and the main reason is its customization and flexibility. When it comes to chrome extensions the choices abound, but here I have mentioned only some essential extensions which help the bloggers to work like a pro and stay on top. Let’s dive in!

20+ Best To Use Google Chrome Extensions

#1 Save To Pocket

Save To Pocket is a simple time-saving tool that allows you to save articles, videos and more you see in chromes for later use. All the data you save will be automatically synchronized to your other devices so that you can view them on the go. Whenever you save something to this extension you will get to view the related data.

#2 Evernote Web Clipper

It allows users to highlight the text from the web page and add them instantly to its folder, even the entire page can be saved with single click. It is the easiest way for task amangers and content writesr to capture, bookmark and share the online stuff.

#3 Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture is an effective add-on that provides easiest way for users to screenshot or record the computer screen. This user friendly extension allows you capture whole web page or particular section of the page you need. It includes a unique editor’s interface so that you can make some changes in the screenshots you have stored earlier.

#4 Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is somewhat similar to Nimbus Capture but it contains more features than that. You can dynamically catures the screen shots by resizing your browsing window and also can perform basic editing that are ideal for bloggers. More importantly, the special blur tool allows you to make parts of the screenshot inedible and appealing.

#5 Boomerang For Gmail

#6 Pushbullet

#7 AdBlock Pro

AdBlock pro is one of the prominent add-on in the chrome, it cut backs the ads and helps you to do the work without any distractions.

#8 Goo.gl URL Shortener

#9 MozBar

If you are in search of convenient SEO tool to view the SEO metrics of the page you brows, then you should opt MozBar. It is a most liked extension among the bloggers because of the quick glance at customized information like highlighted link locations and SEO metrics, page information, social stats and lead info, and keyword scores.

#10 Grammarly

Whetehr you are writing a article or preparing any blog posts, it’s always a best option to keep the Grammarly. It helps you in making the artticles and blog posts error free and impactful.

#11 Block Site

#12 Link Miner

#13 Word Count Tool

Now counting the number of words and the characters in the selected contest is much easier with the introduction of Word Count Tool. All you need is to select the paragraph and to click of the Word count tool option by right click on the context menu. It shows total number of words and characters along with number of sentences, paragraphs, average sentence length & word length.

#14 Buffer

Are you interested in sharing your content in social media channels like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, then the Buffer is the perfect one. By just  single click on the buffer extension icon, you can share the current webpage from anywhere in the world. You can share them immediately or can add them in the queue for later purpose.

#15 Email Hunter

#16 LastPass

LastPass is the vital inbuilt password manager and form filler in the Google Chrome extension list. With this you can save all you passwords in a secured way.

#17 Google Publisher Toolbar

#18 Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank is the official traffic panel extension which provides the page rank status of the each web page you browse. It is the good option to check the popularity of the websites among the world and web masters.

#19 Mercury Reader

#20 Open SEO Stats

The Open SEO Status is initially known as PageRank Status as it provides easy access to basic SEO information. The Open SEO Stats renders the datas like Google Page Rank, Complete Rank, Alexa Rank and Questcast Rank along with SEO stats, page stats, link stats and as well as the page speed.

#21 PageXray

All the extensions listed in this post will make the organization and understanding of the digital world of SEO effortless.  The ease of use and the amount of time they can save will be very valuable to your day to day life. Have I missed your favorite Google Chrome Extension?  If so, let me know as a comment below!

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